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SOLD OUT Ai Leap : For Women With Wisdom

Hosted by Deb King & Gabby Button





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About Event

Are You Ready to Transform Your Wealth of Wisdom Into a Client-Attracting Powerhouse with Ai?

Welcome to "AI Leap," where your wisdom meets cutting-edge technology, and together, they create magic.

You’ve spent years honing your skills and impacting lives. Now, let’s channel that wisdom into creating lead magnets that not only draw clients effortlessly but resonate deeply and authentically.

🤔 What's Holding You Back?

Perhaps it’s been the overwhelming pace of technological change, or maybe you’ve felt that digital tools would never quite capture the essence of what you offer. You're not alone. Many seasoned coaches worry that embracing tech might compromise their authentic connection with clients.

Designed For You!

"AI Leap" is tailored specifically for women coaches like you, who are rich in experience and wisdom but might not have tapped into the full potential of digital tools. We simplify the complex, making ChatGPT accessible and useful for your unique needs.

No tech jargon, no overwhelming processes, just clear, easy steps to unlock powerful results.

➡️ Why Join Us for "Ai Leap"?

  • Demystify ChatGPT: Get acquainted with what ChatGPT is and master how to leverage it to enhance your coaching business. You'll learn the ins and outs of this powerful tool and how to use it to your advantage.

  • Simplify Client Attraction: Learn how to use ChatGPT to craft lead magnets that authentically represent your unique coaching style and attract the right clients.

  • Save A Lot Of Time!: Discover how AI can save you time, allowing you to focus more on what you love—coaching and connecting deeply with your clients.

  • Templates & Prompts: Everything you need to create your lead magnet and more!

Here’s What You’ll Achieve:

  • A Lead Magnet Based On Your Wisdom: Create a lead magnets that will pull the right people towards you—those who need your wisdom the most.

  • Enhanced Client Relationships: Use AI to enhance, not replacethe personal touch that defines your coaching.

  • An Awesome Approach!: Learn how to use Ai to enhance your impact without sacrificing your essence.

🎉 No More Doubts. No More Holding Back.

You have the experience. You have the passion. Now, gain the tools to extend your influence far beyond traditional boundaries. “AI Leap” equips you to rise above the digital noise and stand out in a crowded market.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Practice and Reach More Hearts?

Join "AI Leap" and discover how integrating AI into your workflow can revolutionize the way you attract and interact with clients. This is your time to harness your full potential and let your wisdom shine brighter than ever.

It’s time to turn your Wisdom Into a Client-Attracting Powerhouse.

Join Us for "Ai Leap: Transform Your Coaching Business with ChatGPT"


📅 Date: Wed 26th June USA / Thurs 27th June Australia (90mins)
🇺🇸 Time: USA Wednesday, 26th June from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST
🇦🇺 Time: Australia Thursday 27th June, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Sydney Time


🌐 Online via Zoom (link will be emailed post-registration and available in your Coach Training Campus dashboard)

Included in Your Registration:

🔗 Ongoing Support: Access to our exclusive private (not facebook) online community area. Here, you can share insights, ask questions, and engage with fellow attendees between sessions.

What We'll Cover:

Step-by-Step Basics of ChatGPT: No prior experience needed!
Develop Your Lead Magnet: We'll help you design a simple yet compelling lead magnet, from the title to the contents, using an attractive Canva template (or use a word document if you prefer).
Make It Relevant: Learn how to tailor content that truly resonates with your audience by understanding your unique wisdom.
Navigate Common Pitfalls: We’ll point out traps to avoid and provide you with smart formulas and prompts.
Fast-Track Content Creation: Discover key strategies to quickly create content that encourages client engagement (and we'll use simpler terms than 'conversion').

Perfect For All Skill Levels:

Whether you're tech phobic, a tech newbie or more seasoned marketer, this workshop is designed to meet you where you are. If you've never used ChatGPT, Canva, or aren't sure about your audience or what a lead magnet really is, don't worry! We’ll make it simple so you to ‘get it’, plus you'll have the opportunity to keep attending until it all clicks.

Don't Wait - The Time to Act Is Now!

For the first 10 coaches who enroll in "Ai Leap," we’re offering our acclaimed "How to Grow Your Coaching Business" training (valued at $197 USD) absolutely FREE.

This comprehensive 7-module course is a compact powerhouse that you can complete in just 2 hours. Dive into essential strategies that will clarify your ‘body of knowledge’, refine your client messaging, and take the presentation of your unique wisdom and value to a whole new level.

Here's what you'll gain from your free bonus course:

  • Crystal-Clear Focus: Pinpoint the most impactful areas to concentrate on within your business.

  • Language that Connects: Learn to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your ideal clients, ensuring every word pulls them closer.

  • Confidence in Your Value: Rediscover and amplify the unique wisdom, skills, and value you offer, positioning yourself as the go-to expert.

  • Engaging Learning Experience: Enjoy fun, colorful graphics that spark creativity and ensure key concepts stick with you, ready for action.

  • Empowerment to Act: Finish the course not just ready but excited to attract and win your ideal clients.

Testimonial from a seasoned coach:

"It provided me with real clarity about the areas I need to focus on in my business. I gained an understanding of how to use the right language to connect with my audience, plus reflected on how I underplay the wisdom, value, and skills I offer my clients!

It was professionally and articulately presented throughout, the fun graphics sparked my creativity and made me smile, I feel I have retained the learning ready for application. I finished this course feeling encouraged and supported to take the next steps in attracting my ideal clients. Thank you, Gabby and Deb." - Sarah Willoughby, Fertility Coach

Are You Ready To Harness The Power Of Ai?

Don’t miss out on transforming your digital skills to match your wisdom.

Let us make technology simple and effective for you.

Transform your practice, amplify your impact, and attract the clients you deserve with "AI Leap."


Meet Your Guides: Deb King and Gabby Button - CoFounders of Coach Training Campus

Deb King is a seasoned transformational coach celebrated for her innovative approach to empowering women coaches over 50. Debs methods seamlessly blend her marketing degree, sales experience, energy wisdom and human development techniques, helping coaches around the globe to unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable, joyful success.

Gabby Button, is known affectionately as the "AI Whisperer" thanks to blowing the minds of clients with her exceptional skill in generating powerful results from ChatGPT. Gabby specializes in making complex tools accessible and useful for coaches, enabling them to expand their reach and impact without compromising the authenticity of their personal touch.

Together, Deb and Gabby are committed to transforming the coaching industry by equipping women with the tools and confidence to excel in the digital age. Their programs are designed not just to educate but to inspire, creating a supportive community where each coach is empowered to shine.

Why Did We Create This Event?

Here’s what happened… we've seen some amazing results using ChatGPT for ourselves and our clients. So much so, that after creating a free "Quick Start Guide to ChatGPT" that got rave reviews (people even said we shouldn't give it away for free!), we got encouraged to take this further.

We know there are so many brilliant women coaches out there are still the world's best-kept secrets, often because tech and marketing feel a bit out of reach. That's exactly why we put together this special event. It's all about making these tools straightforward and effective, so you can get your wisdom out there without the hassle. We're really excited to show you how to start making your tech work for you, so you have more ease and success in your business.

Check out our Free Quick Start Guide to ChatGPT

You may also enjoy our Free ‘Beyond Limits’ Guide to Value Embodiment

If you are still a ‘best kept secret’ and its your time to shine … be sure to Register for this event now!

A Glimpse Inside Our ChatGPT guide for Coaches, Healers and Practitioners.

Here’s what some awesome coaches said about our Free guide …
and we really have so much more to show you in our Ai Leap session!

“This is SO good—Deb & Gabby introduced me to the wonders of Chat & I have already accomplished so much in my business as a result”
- Elizabeth E Wallace, Animal Communicator & Grief Guide

“Amazing. Thank you Deb King and Gabby Button this is such powerful wisdom to share.”

- Taga Iose, Money Emotional Intelligence Coach

“This is really well done! But why are you giving it away for free?
This is way too much value for it to be free. You're giving away actionable steps.”

- Simran Bhatia, Flowation Lightworkers Marketplace

“I just spent only 5 minutes going through it and I love it. You have covered it all, I got ideas that I didn't think about using CG for before. Thank you, can't wait to dive deeper and start utilizing more than just social post ideas, sales pages, and rewrites. Love it!”

- Ani Papazyan, Pain Resolution Practitioner

“Just opened that ChatGPT guide and wow this is fantastic! Much better than what some are selling out there! Well done Deb and Gabby! You truly are amazing! 🙂 Thank you so much! 🙂”

- Payman Lorenzo, Profitable Podcast Coach

“Thank you. I love that you mentioned what the benefits of the plus version are and the prompt examples and what could be wrong if you are not getting good results. This is essential for anyone getting started and for those who think they hate ChatGPT.”
- Ana Malovrh, Personal Stylist

“It's very thorough!!’
- Michele Scherr, Stress Biohacking Specialist

“My favourite pages were the ‘quick prompt ideas’. Super useful to see prompt examples, the need to be specific etc. Thank you for sharing this with us”
- Nishah Dennison, Psychotherapist & Coach

“This is absolutely astounding! Thank you for this very generous gift! Absolutely wow!”
- Denise Cambiotti, Pain Relief Coach and Trainer

Don’t Miss Out

Spaces in "AI Leap" are limited, and this exclusive bonus is only available to the first 10 registrants.

Join "AI Leap" today and grab your spot in the next wave of coaching excellence. With the added bonus, there’s no better time to leap forward.

We look forward to being your guides on the journey into mastering ChatGPT in your busness. Wemazing. Thank you Deb King and Gabby Button this is such powerful wisdom to share



Deb King & Gabby Button